Geoff has been teaching seminars for over 10 years. They include:

How to get your book published
Geoff is the author of three books and has helped many people to get published. If you have a great idea for a book – or have already written one – what’s the next step? How do you see your words in print and on the shelf at your local bookstore? This seminar tells you what you need to know to turn that dream into reality.

Creating an eBook
An eBook is a great way to package your stories or skills in an inexpensive way and offer them to the general public. This seminar will cover everything you need to know to get your eBook online. Topics include: cover design, formatting, pricing, which websites to use and ideas for generating sales.

How to self publish your book
Self-publishing a book is a useful strategy for professionals or business owners who want to write a book based on their professional experience – a book can be an excellent marketing tool or “calling card”. It is also a suitable option for some non-fiction books.

Introduction to travel writing
Learn how to turn your travel experiences into articles for magazines or websites. You’ll be shown how to spot publishing opportunities, how to generate ideas for articles, how to approach publishers, the basics of writing an article and how to create contacts within the industry.

Writing and producing short films
Geoff has written and produced three short films that have made money and found a large audience. In this four hour seminar, Geoff will take you through the complete process of making a short film, covering everything from script writing to producing and distribution.

Writing short stories
Writing short stories offers the best opportunity for people to learn the basic tools of story telling and the craft of writing. Whether you’re writing for pleasure or to generate income, this seminar will cover the techniques involved in creating a good short story. 

Introduction to freelance journalism
For first-time writers who’d like to learn how to write for magazines and newspapers. You’ll be shown ways to generate ideas, learn about the publishing industry, how to research and structure an article and how to pitch your article to an editor. Includes Q & A session.

Creating an outline for your book
Writing a fiction or non-fiction book can be exciting and frustrating. But you can save yourself a lot of time by first outlining what it is you want to say. This seminar will help you make sure you’ve answered all the questions you need to before you start writing your book.

Writing your family history or memoirs
This seminar is for those interested in preserving the history and stories of themselves or their family. It offers ideas on gathering raw material and methods for sorting through information and pictures to create an attractive, easy to read and informative record of your history.

Introduction to creative writing
If you have an idea for a book, a play or a film script – you’ll benefit from learning the basics of creative writing. During this course you’ll be shown the techniques involved in bringing your ideas to life. You will also be given tips on how to maintain your focus and motivation. 

Introduction to buying an Investment Property
Gain the knowledge and confidence to buy your own home or investment property. Topics covered include: the characteristics of a good investment property, where to buy (and where not to), the buying process, negotiation tactics, creating cash flow from your property and depreciation and tax deductions. This is a fun and relaxed course that includes case studies, a Q & A session and handouts. No experience is needed.

Introduction to improvisation
Learn the basics of improvisation as seen on TV shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway? Improvisation helps build confidence and to generate ideas. You’ll connect with other people and spark your imagination in an entertaining and interactive atmosphere.

Would you like a seminar on a particular topic?
We can a devise a seminar (including handouts) based around the specific interests of your group. Please contact us for more information.





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