Put your experience into print

If you love what you do but have trouble with putting your ideas into words or selling your skills to potential clients, LHA Productions can help.  We offer a range of writing and editing services designed to help you create and communicate your ideas more effectively. They include:

A first draft of a book or ebook manuscript often needs refining to bring out the best in the story. A manuscript assessment provides objective and detailed feedback to the author as to how the script might be improved before publication. Areas covered in an assessment include:

  • Story structure
  • Character analysis
  • Writing style
  • Grammar and punctuation.

If you are interested in having your manuscript taken on by a publisher, we can prepare a professional manuscript proposal for you and submit it to publishers on your behalf. We can also assist with advice on any publishing contract negotiations.

This service provides a scan of all written material for any errors and, where necessary, modifying the text to give clearer meaning.

This service checks your written material for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation prior to printing or distribution.

This service is for those people who feel they do not have the time to write a book. LHA Productions can write anything from a press release, write or rework selected chapters or the whole manuscript for you.

For more information on how LHA Productions can help turn your ideas into reality, please contact us.

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