There is a lot of work that happens from the time you have an idea for a book and seeing the finished product. Here are a couple of steps in the process.

If you want to approach an established publisher to get your book professionally published, you’ll need a comprehensive book proposal.

If you are self publishing, it is a good idea to have your manuscript assessed and the final version edited and proofed before printing.

You will also need to have marketing information about the book prepared to encourage the media to promote it to the general public.

No matter which method you choose, LHA Productions can help. Please contact us for more information.

Some of the books LHA productions has helped to produce include:

Four Mindsets cover finalThe Four Mindsets

How to Influence, Motivate and Lead
High Performance teams

By Anna-Lucia Mackay





BMA cover pageBecoming more Australian

A guide to the quirks of
life down under

by Sandra Peter





Emo edge coverYour Emotional Edge

The emotional resilience guidebook
for women who dare to fly high and
achieve it all in leadership and life

by Noelene Dawes




Selling coverA Practical guide to Selling

What they teach at the
University of the Pavement

by Grant Hyman





Matt Klein book coverKarate for the young warrior

by Matt Klein






Pamela Thorne book cover scanHow much can a Koala Bear?

A guide to commonly confused words

by Pamela Thorne





Your Money Boat Front CoverYour Money Boat

How to sail yourself to Financial
Freedom and beyond

by Paul Mollica

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