Geoff Bartlett has worked as a film reviewer and journalist. His interviews and articles have appeared in publications including: The Sydney Morning Herald, Courier MailWest Australian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Herald Sun, Canberra Times and Australian Style.

Geoff has worked as a freelance travel writer and photographer for magazines and websites since 2004. His current areas of focus are the islands of the South Pacific and Asia. He is a regular contributor to Pacific Island Paradises and Asian Paradises.

Geoff has also written for TV shows such as ‘Comedy Inc’, ‘Good News Week’, ‘Backberner’, ‘Life Support’ and ‘The Comedy Channel’.


The destination of Vietnam proves a feast for all the senses.

World heritage listed, Lord Howe Island harbours both beauty and luxury.

Escape to Samoa, the land of secluded beaches.

The Kingdom of  Tonga offers tranquility and life’s simple pleasures.


In case you were wondering, here are The top five car chase movies.

The Umbilical Brothers take their show, Speedmouse to the Opera house.

English comedian, Ross Noble performs Unrealtime in Sydney.

Victorian comedian, Dave Hughes launches his new show, High Voltage.


Australian best selling author Matthew Reilly talks about his early days of self publishing and his approach to writing.

John Clarke, the man behind The Games and a host of other comedy shows, now calls Australia home.

English comedian Ross Noble talks about life in Australia, relationships and his love of performance.

Part musical genius, part comedy icon and completely entertaining, Bill Bailey uses his gifts for the greater good.

Mixing pacifism with firearms? Peter Fonda knows how.

Hollywood legend, Jack Nicholson talks movies, basketball and The Simpsons.

Irish comedian, Ed Byrne looks back on ten years of performance.

Englishman Daniel Kitson delights in finding the humour in life.

The master of the one liner, Steven Wright shares his thoughts on comedy.

Legend of the horror film genre, Wes Craven discusses his career and the work involved in getting his vision past the censors.

English director, Anthony Minghella talks about his films The English Patient and Truly, Madly Deeply.

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